"Sometimes you have to walk towards the sharp points to feel the feelings"

My Dear Friends,

From Are the Children Happy? and Love Song No.7 written in April 2005 in Tuscon, Arizona to the last song You Are Not Alone, written in 2014 in Ibiza. This cycle of songs have truly been a labour of love and cathartic process which really became for me a healing.

Today it is finally released and I cannot tell you what an emotional journey of personal evolution this has been. A Requiem for Common Sense and Goodbye Planet Earth speak of what I believe is wrong with humanity and its attitude towards not only our planet but each other.
A Comfortable Man tells of my life. The Wrens Burial in ending the album is in a sense an epitaph. I have taken my time putting this collection together as I believe good work is timeless.

I hope that you enjoy this album in one listen. I am both content and excited, as with its release it draws a line with my past and I believe marks the beginning of a journey.
Life is Precious, so very Precious
we are all in it together
with love and in light

Cathal x

Cathal will be at Fopp in Covent Garden today (11th May) signing copies of his debut album from 6pm. Whoever gives the best explanation on how to pronounce his name correctly will recieve a special gift from him.

Well what a wonderful day.
Album of the week in both the Sunday Times and the Mail on Sunday, and a great reviews in the Irish Sunday Mail and the Irish Sunday Business Post.
I'm rather overwhelmed as you can imagine and it's slowly sinking in to my conscious. I am gob smacked and seriously grateful for my good fortune! The gods are smiling and I think I'll go and do a good deed now.

Love to All xxx

Cathal x

Media and other news

We'll be adding a media section to the site soon, but in the meantime the upcoming issues of Q, Uncut & Mojo have reviewed the album most warmly.

Elsewhere; You're Not Alone & Do You Believe In Love? are now available on Spotify.

It is now less than 2 weeks to go until release day, I'll be at Fopp in Covent Garden for the release on 11th May at 6pm for the purposes of scribbling my moniker on CDs & Vinyl, so if you're in the vicinity I'd love to see you there and look forward to having a chat. As there is often some confusion as to just how to pronounce my name, I have a special gift for whoever gives the best example on the day.

Finally in the run up to the Bush Hall event I'll be at The Boogaloo in Highgate for a Q & A on the 13th May in conversation with Gavin Martin, details for this, Fopp & of course Bush Hall are all to be found in the events section

Cathal x

Loose Ends BBC Radio 4

I must say what a pleasure it was being on Loose Ends where everyone was so interesting. Enjoyed the experience and it all continues to be such an adventure. I was rather chuffed for Emma Freud to ask me to play Are the Children Happy? and what an honour to meet Mary Wilson, epic lady, her performance brought tears to my eyes, what a journey she has had...

Christopher Ecclestone is a lovely man and we had a bit of time together chewing the cud after the show. I love Our Friends in The North and Louise Osmond was so clearly dedicated to finding and telling a good story. I should mention that Marker Starling was a decent egg too, he loves his films and he joined me and Mr Ecclestone for the chinwag post show. what a life? Listen to the entire show on BBC iPlayer

Cathal x

Dear Friends

Do you believe in Love?
Why wouldn't you? What would our worlds be like without love? I simply couldn't bear it? Could you?
So firstly; here is 'Do You Believe In Love?' the first single from my album; A Comfortable Man released on 11th May, I hope it inspires some good feelings. Have a listen on YouTube.

Secondly, I am very pleased to announce that I will be playing at Bush Hall, London on 14th May, accompanied again by Joe Duddell & an amazing ensemble. For tickets please see the emporium, the events section and the landing page here on the website.

And last but not least, the pre-orders for the Ltd. Edition Vinyl and the CD have begun, see the emporium for details.
I hope you enjoy the music and I look forward to seeing you at the show. As ever further news will be here and of course on the mailing list

Cathal x

Dear friends, I am delighted to announce that my album; A Comfortable Man, will be released on May 11th 2015.

As a taster for the album and for your listening pleasure,here is a free MP3 download of the opening track; You're Not Alone.
You can watch the video for You're Not Alone below and on YouTube and you can download the free MP3 track using the widget to the left or by clicking here.

Do let me know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

Keep checking in here (or join the mailing list) for forthcoming details on; pre-ordering the album, availability of the Limited Edition Vinyl and of course hearing more music, all in the very near future.

Love Cathal

Filmed & edited by Simon Pantling

My dear friends
I am so pleased and rather excited that I have found my way into Mojo Magazine today.
This is the beginning of the rest of my life musically. My first solo album 'A Comfortable Man' will be following in May.
Whatever you may have heard of me, whatever you may think of me, I will always say it from my heart. In my own words, in my own way and always in my own truth.

In love and in light
Cathal x

A somewhat belated Happy New Year to you all!

It has been an incredibly busy couple of months; with so much going on behind the scenes, and now it is very nearly time to tell you all the news; about the music you can hear next week and to answer the many questions about the shop and the album ... but not quite yet!

So check back here next week, and over at my facebook page and of course do sign up to the mailing list. I promise we do not bombard you with emails!

Love & Light
Cathal x

Wilton's Music Hall

I wish you had been there, it's the oldest music hall in the world, its acoustics are perfect and when you enter this beautiful building you feel as if you are immersed in living history and time's past, you become aware of acertain quality which I can only describe as a state of potential wonder, a thrilling expectancy.
Performing at Wilton's, was not only a personal ambition but was truly a fabulous experience. We had one day to rehearse the show and I must compliment the musicians and choir as they were exceptional, such a joy to work with. Being able to present the songs in such a way felt special, extremely satisfying and with the addition of all the art and sculpture on display the overall effect was I thought really quite magical. The first night was invite only and we played for friends, family and all the artists who contributed their work to the accompanying exhibition. Two nights were then open to the public, that being the Wednesday and the Thursday evening's. I really must extend a massive thank you to all of you who came along and supported us, it meant so much to have you all there. The atmosphere on each night was incredible and for some reason I felt surprisingly relaxed throughout. From the reaction's we received I think we acquitted ourselves well and all seemingly left content. I know speaking for myself that surrounded on stage by so much talent and such great audience I really was A Comfortable Man.

Cathal x

On Tuesday 30th September I called in to Radio London 94.9 to see my old friend Robert Elms for a bit of a chat and to play a couple of the tracks from the album A Comfortable Man.

If you didn't catch it yet, here's a link to his show on BBC iPlayer.

It will be available for another couple of days, or you can hear it on Soundcloud.

"love is all"


One Night In Shepherds Bush - 14th May

Welcome one and all

Cathal performs his debut album A Comfortable Man with the assistance of the Joe Duddell ensemble. He promises there will be some new songs, a rather splendid atmosphere and he hopes only decent human beings will be in attendance.

Hats are encouraged but not compulsory, footwear should be polished.
Spitting will not be tolerated. Joy and camaraderie are to be practised with élan.
That should make for a most pleasant and stimulating evening.

Thursday 14th May - Bush Hall, London W12, tickets available from Ticketmaster

In Conversation with Gavin Martin - 13th May

I have many happy memories of the Boogaloo in particular one night after celebrating Billy Bragg's 50th Birthday party I hot tailed it across town to celebrate Shane McGowan's 50th which being at The Boogaloo on the very same night seemed somehow auspicious, we did of course drink the old vitamin G until the early hours and much philosophy and tales of yore were voiced.

I hope to at least indulge in some verbal gymnastics to parry some difficult questions and to reveal as much of myself as is sensible and indeed prudent. A personal gift from me for what I consider the most interesting question or exchange will be awarded. Please wear kevlar if possible, bring a wholesome disposition and a ravenous thirst.

Wednesday 13th May Doors 6pm - The Boogaloo, Archway Road, London N6 5AT, tickets available from Ticketweb or Ents 24

Album Signing Fopp Covent Garden - 11th May

If you have some time to kill and fancy a pleasant moment in my company then please do come along to the Fopp signing, your presence will be greatly appreciated.

I shall be scribbling my moniker on cd's and vinyl (there aren't many of those left!) and explaining in person how you say my name correctly. The person who gives the best example will be rewarded with a special gift from me.
Cathal x

Monday 11th May 6pm - FOPP Covent Garden 1 Earlham Street London WC2H 9LL
"my love's as hard as fucking nails"


In Print

in print and online


radio and other spoken words
"do you believe in love?"


"God I hope my Karma is bright"


Raquel Martinez


Simon Pantling


Desiree Pfeiffer

"my colours have all run dry, there's no sun up in my sky today"


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The CD of A Comfortable Man includes an 8 page booklet plus the radio edit of 'Do You Believe In Love?' as a bonus track. There are a limited number of signed CDs available.

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    Live @ Bush Hall 14 May 2015

      Cathal Smyth performing the album; A Comfortable Man, with The Joe Duddell Ensemble at Bush Hall, Shepherds Bush London on 14 May 2015

    • Tickets available from Ticketmaster
    "spread the love and feed us"


    Perhaps better known to many as Chas Smash of the much loved national pop institution Madness, Cathal recorded the album at Sarm, Iguana and The Premises studios in London. It was produced by Charlie Andrew (Alt-J) and Kirsty Mangan, with additional production from Paul Powell and Felix Quine. The renowned Alan Winstanley, who has previously worked with Cathal on numerous Madness albums, mixed the album at Artillery Studios in London.

    The 12-track album also features various orchestrations and performances from violinist Kirsty Mangan and drummer Charlie Andrew, alongside additional choral and string arrangements from composer Joe Duddell.

    An honest, moving and deeply human record about discovery and ultimately recovery, the gestation of the album goes back to 2005 when Cathal found himself in the Cottonwood rehabilitation facility in Tuscon after the break up of a 28-year relationship.

    On the 10th day, during a period of respite, alone in the community hall, he seated himself at the piano. The break from wife and family home was still paramount in his mind. The grief had taken form. Sorrow had turned to song. Are The Children Happy?, the song at the core of A Comfortable Man, flowed forth. 'It was an epiphany, I didn't even know what chords I was playing,' he explains.

    A move to Ibiza and the peace & solitude it brought after years of living in London was equally as significant in the creation of the album; the early morning birds fed the optimism of Do You Believe In Love? while the terrifying fire that broke out one night in Ibiza's Benirras inspired the apocalyptic vision of Goodbye Planet Earth.

    Having debuted selections from A Comfortable Man at the 2013 Festival No 6 in Port Merion, Cathal will announce details of further UK shows shortly.
    As the man himself says; 'It was very moving. After every song my heart was in my throat; I felt, why haven't I done this before? Many of the audience were moved to tears. It gave me the belief to finally pursue a solo career.'

    Cathal Smyth's debut solo album; A Comfortable Man will be released on The Phoenix Rising Recording Company on Monday May 11th 2015.


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